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 Main, Side, and Extra staples, and why they belong there.

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Down in Flames

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PostSubject: Main, Side, and Extra staples, and why they belong there.   Mon 24 Dec 2012, 11:05 pm

Most of you people here are good duelists and understand the concept of staples and also what they are. But there are always some people who usually get stuck when deck building, due to them not knowing the essential staples of a deck. So, I'm here to help those of you who are stuck. Why am I doing this? Cuz of the above mentioned reason, I'm bored, and this site needs some more... stuff.

So let's start !

Main deck staples:

1. Dark Hole
This card is ESSENTIAL in almost every deck. It can wipe out your enemy's field regardless of how many monsters they have. But use it wisely, as it also destroys your own. What also makes this card so great is that it doesn't target. So for those monsters who can't be targeted, such as Obelisk, this card can easily clear the field from it. Pretty simple and standard spell.

2. Heavy Storm
With the unbanning of heavy storm, there has been a noticeable decrease in backrow. There's still lots of it though, don't take me wrong. Being able to wipe out ALL spell/traps on the field? That's ridiculous. But with heavy storm out, what do you have to worry? Except starlight of course. Then you can panic. But aside from that this card is essential. Why? Simple. It clears your opponent's backrow and allows you to make that one final push for game without fear of being hindered by your opponent's scary pieces of paper. Of course, this card is a prime target for starlight road and Solemn Judgment, so make sure you approach backrow carefully.

3. Monster Reborn
I can't express how useful this card is. Being able to summon a monster from your grave AND your opponent's grave? That's just clutch. Opponent pulls out BLS > You torrential > Opp ends turn > Whip out the Reborn > Pull dat BLS > gg? Seriously, this card is broken. And it's not banned anymore. USE IT.

4. Book of Moon
People often argue whether or not this card is a staple and should be placed in decks. This card is so useful. It stops a lot of plays from happening. Opp summons TGU uses eff to pull something else. What do you do? You flip the BoM that's what. Your opponent now has a lvl 3 monster f/d and another most likely weak monster on their field instead of a scary Levi or Zenmaines. This doesn't just apply to TGU. Judgment Dragon? Maybe next time buddy. Dark Armed? 1000 def, seems legit. Grapha? Stay down. And it gets better too! If you have a face-up flip eff monster, BoM it. Get its eff again and win that duel.

5. 2-3 MST
This card is pretty darn good. Gets rid of backrow without fear of starlight. Whod' Solemn Judgment an MST? Maybe if they're desperate to save a S/T, but at least you'd know that it's smething important, and you should avoid it. Anyway, with this card in your deck, no longer will you fear those menacing facedowns when you can easily pick 'em off at your own ease. That's pretty convenient, I'd say.

6. Solemn Trio
These guys pack a hard punch. But at a hefty cost: your own LP. This cost is the main reason people often opt not to run all 3, or none at all. But their cost is worth it. Opp top decks JD. Solemn it. By paying 2k LP you just saved yourself from even more damage. Not only that, but Warning can also negate monsters who are summoned by effects, which is something even Solemn Judgment can't even brag about. With these 3 guys in your deck, you'll be able to negate almost anything your opp can throw at you.

These are the staples for the main. Onto the side !

1. Prohibition.
Do you hate getting grapha'd all the time? What about JD? And those oh-so-pesky Evilswarm Ophions. Well, with this card in your deck you can easily relax knowing as long as it's on the field, cards with that name cannot have their effects activated. However, this only applies as long as its on the field, so make sure that you have some protection. *wink wink*

2. Penuin Soldier / Snowman Eater
These 2 guys are crafty little fellows. One returns 2 cards to the hand, while another pops a face-up monster. Note, that they can also do your own cards. So if you have an empty CotH or Fiendish Chain, you can return 'em to your hand for more protection. (Penguin) Or if you have a lava golem or acid golem w/ no xyz material, just flip over that snowman and save yourself some LP.

3. Imprisoning Mirrors.
These 2 guys are a must in side decks. They negate the effects of light / dark monsters in the field and grave, depending on which one you use. Pretty simple. Shuts down Dark World, Sacksworn, Infernities, Agents, Chaos Dragons, etc.

4. Gozen Match
Trouble with Six Sams? Use this card and you're good. This card only allows 1 attribute to be on each player's field. Not too complicated. Only run this in decks that are central to 1 attribute, e.g Dark World.

5. Rivalry of Warlords
Same as Gozen except for Type rather than Attribute, e.g dragon. Hits wind-ups pretty hard.

Lastly, on to the Extra deck. (Everyone's favorite)



Ally of Justice Catastor
This card is hands down one of the best lv 5 synchros out there. With it's effect that destroys any non-dark monster before damage calculation, you no longer have to worry about Marshmallon or other walls. However, with its 2200 atk, it can easily be taken down by a dark monster. However in decks that run little or none dark monsters, this will be a looming threat as the turns tick by while they try to get rid of it. Note: this card WILL NOT work on zenmaines if it has more than 1 overlay unit.


Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth / Iron Chain Dragon

These cards aren't exactly staples, but they're the 2 best STANDARD lvl 6 synchros that can be placed in almost any deck. Gaia is the strongest lv 6 synchro beater in terms of atk, but it's a normal synchro with no effects at all. Iron Chain comes close behind with 2500 atk and a milling effect every time it inflicts damage. The choice is yours.


Black Rose Dragon

This card can spell game for the player who uses it wisely. With the ability to nuke all cards on the field, this will leave the player who played it at an advantage, if he played smart. If he didn't... well... yeah. But if used correctly, it will place your opponent at a very tight spot, especially if they have less than 2 cards in their hand. Also a 2400 atk beater isn't so bad.


Stardust Dragon

2500 atk. That used to be the one atk power that people feared. Also with a free negation every turn? This card is just too good not to run. But be wary, now wih new card scoming out, 2500 atk is no longer as great as it used to be. Watch out for those 2600+ beaters. Note: this card must be successfully synchro summoned in order to use its effect multiple times.

Scrap Dragon

2800 beater with the ability to pop 1 card on your opponent's field along with 1 of your own. It also has another effect, but it's usually only important in scrap decks. Apart from that, simple effect, and decent atk power; this card can set up the missing pieces for game.

Xyz Monsters

Rank 3:

Wind-Up Zenmaines
This card is loved and hated by everybody. Loved by those who use it, and hated by those who see it on the field. A 2100 wall with an effect to destroy a card on the field is just too perfect to pass over. You can even use its effect to your advantage. Put it in atk mode, atk your opponent's weakest monster that is 1500+ atk, and pop a troublesome card during your EP. Or if you don't like that, you can just sit on its 2100 def and watch as your opponent ends turn after turn thinking of ways to overcome this obstacle.

Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

2500 atk beater. Can be turned into 3k beater to get rid of walls such as grapha, hyperion, BLS, etc. Nothing complicated.


This card is AMAZING. Even if you don't run any card that banish, still use this guy in your extra. Just because you don't run any form of banishing, doesn't mean your opponent doesn't. Your opp uses gates to banish snoww from grave and star his loop? Okay, next turn leviair summon dat Snoww from his banish zone and xyz into a nice Rank 4. Got bottomless'd? No problem leviair to get that monster back. Only downside is its flimsy 1800 atk. Sadface.

Rank 4

Number 39: Utopia.

Again, 2500 atk used to be the atk to beat. Now, it's... meh. Anyway, Utopia can detach 1 OLU to negate 1 atk from a monster's atk. Sound useful? Of course it does, that's because it is. The only downside is, when this card runs out of OLU, it can easily be destroyed by any monster: even an eff veiler. That monster will also be able to attack again, but I think that's just OCG rulings. Anyway, good card. run it.

Maestroke, the Symphony Djinn

Maestroke is the Zenmaines for Rank 4, with a protection effect that will shield him from the destruction effects such as Dark Hole or Smashing Ground that would otherwise eliminate Utopia (along with any other Djinn Xyzs you happen to be running). While he lacks the dominating field presense of Zenmaines, since it lacks any form of punishment for your opponent attempting to destroy him, it makes up for it with the flexibility of its Book of Moon-esque effect, letting Maestroke run over cards such as Dark Armed Dragon or allow bigger beaters on the field to do likewise, reset any counters on your opponent's monsters or flip a card like Zenmaines face-down before hitting it with Raigeki Break, preventing it from using its protection effects - its uses are limited only by your imagination. While Maestroke lacks the game-changing capacity of the other staple cards, he's a solid Xyz Monster that can find a place in the majority of decks.

So that's all I can think of atm. I'm almost definite that I made lots of mistakes somewhere. If you spot them, correct me please, and I'll be happy to fix them. If you have anything to add, feel free to tell me and I'll add it, if it's appropriate. Thanks for reading this and Happy Dueling~!
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PostSubject: Re: Main, Side, and Extra staples, and why they belong there.   Mon 31 Dec 2012, 12:29 pm

XYZ rank 4s

Maestrok the symphony Djinn
Photon Papilloperative

Djinn and papi are musts if your running lvl 4s, one flips up one flips down, you have options.

rank 3s

Ive gone away from Number # 17 Leviathon Dragon opting for Temtempo percussion Djinn, the guy who detaches materials Great vs zenmaines and utopia
Giga Brilliant also good for light n dark decks


Armory arm!!!!! who here uses level 3s and veilers, this level 4 syncro wins games!!!!
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Down in Flames

Gender: Male
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Location: Florida

PostSubject: Re: Main, Side, and Extra staples, and why they belong there.   Mon 31 Dec 2012, 1:11 pm

Maestroke is already in there: longest description.

I actually forgot about Photon Butterfly Assassin. I'll edit her in when I have some time.

Leviathan is basically my beater when I need a final push for game, or zenmaines to stall for a game winning strateg. Don't get we wrong temtempo is a useful card, but I don't necessarily see him as a staple for ever single deck. If I'm playing against DW or Chaos Dragons, Temtempo won't be of much help due to the minimal amount of xyzing that will be going on due to their high spam rate.

Giga Brilliant,as you said, good for Light and Dark. These are monsters that can be placed into any extra, not necessarily one deck.

I do not use Armory Arm in 90% of my decks and see no real use for it.
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The Saber Man

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PostSubject: Re: Main, Side, and Extra staples, and why they belong there.   Tue 08 Jan 2013, 7:01 pm

Side Deck:

Imprisoning-Mirrors: I've actually turned around from using them due to an article on ARG. If you think about it, most people only side 2 Mirrors. However, with MST floating around at 3, Heavy Storm, and people siding in Dust Tornadoes, the amount of backrow hate that this card has can be replaced with better options in my opinion. A DW player will almost ALWAYS side into triple MST. Inzektors main 3 MSTs, and Agents/Lightsworns probably will side in 1 or main 3 anyways.

You spelled Penguin in Penguin Soldier wrong too XD

Extra Deck:

What happened to Gagaga Cowboy and Abyss Dweller?
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Main, Side, and Extra staples, and why they belong there.

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